Manuel Delaflor
Visual Artist - Philosopher of Science
Manuel won two photography contests in Mexico, one organized by Motorola when their first phone with serious photographic capabilities was introduced, which was in 2008. The second one was run by the Anglo Mexican Foundation in collaboration with "Cuarto Oscuro" (the most important photography magazine in Mexico) in 2010. He is currently living in the United Kingdom. In January 2016 he won the "CAMARADAS" contest in London, and then the photo was taken to an exhibition in Mexico. This was run by the Mexican Embassy in the UK, and was called the "Jewel of the Crown" of the activities related to the cultural exchange between both countries during 2015. In 2017 he won the FFIEL, International Competition and later in the year he was asked to be a juror for a photography competition run by the Mexican Embassy in the United Kingdom.

Manuel has had exhibitions in Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, Hungary, Germany and the United Kingdom. He organized and participated in a joint effort with other Mexican Artists living in Europe to help the people in Mexico after the devastating earthquake in 2017, with events organized in Budapest and in London. His latest exhibition was in September of 2018 in Budapest.
Manuel is also hosting Workshops all over the U.K. with his photography techniques, with a couple more happening on Budapest and Frankfurt during this year.
His work is part of private collections in Mexico, Spain, The United States, Germany, The United Kingdom and France.
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